Hi, I am JJmochicat. I design and make cute amigurumis in the Netherlands. Besides crochetting, I also draw illustrations. I used to study Artificial Intelligence and work in the field of data analysis. Doing art and craft has always been a hobby for me.

When I was a kid, I had fun organizing the yarn for my grandma who also taught me how to knit simple patterns like a little scarf for my cat. When my best friends taught me how to crochet, I immediately fall into it as it opens up so much possibilities and I can make my imaginations into cute amigurumis.I love Handmade things, they are unique and have more sustainable production process.

I had this idea about this cute cat character(inspired by my cat) for many years. Finally I am working on drawing illustrations about mochi the cat and her animal friends. I also make art and crafts with all kinds of materials, such as clay, dry flowers. MY other hobbies: rock-climbing, painting, clay crafting, science MY favorite animes: Nichijou, Gintama, Mononoke, howl's moving castle